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We invite you to discover Madrid

A vital, lively and diverse city where history is written in every corner, from the top of the buildings that draw their silhouette in the sky of Gran Via, or at ground level, in streets, parks and districts, each with its own personality. Madrid is friendly, green, alternative, fun ...What is your motivation? Find the answer here: just choose and discover. There are many routes to take. In each of them, you will always find something special to do to make you feel like you are one of the locals.

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There’s a different Madrid for every visitor, wherever they come from and whatever their interests may be. If you want to discover the Madrid that best suits your clients, here you will find all the tips, useful information and tourist services needed to uncover a vibrant, multifaceted, surprising and unique city; a city where everyone is welcome. You can also share your own itineraries with other “explorers”, becoming the city’s best guide. 


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