Presentation of Madrid in Berlin. May 16, 2019

Madrid Destino
Fruit of the Agreement of comarketing with Iberia Express for the promotion of the new graphic icon of the city of Madrid are carrying out several actions this year. Given the importance of the German market and the growth of seats since October 2018 the Berlin-Madrid route, with three daily frequencies connecting the German city with Madrid, one of them has been the realization of a presentation of the destination Madrid and of the airline's route in Berlin, attending the same TT & C address as well as the OET of Berlin.
In order to celebrate the bicentennial of the Prado Museum, a creative workshop was organized in which some of the works of the Prado Museum were covered, together with professionals from the German trade sector.
It was used to offer the tasting of gastronomic products and a wine tasting of D.O. Madrid at the event.
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